About Us

Alyssa Home Limited — a UK based online retailer of quality bedding products. Just cosset yourself in our extravagance bedding that has 100 more years to come. Rest on one of our indulgent pillows or cuddle into our appealing duvets to nod off into a comfortable sleep.

Here at Alyssa Home Limited, we never misjudge the worth of sleep. We use only the premium, handpicked fabrics and the most technologically ground-breaking fixings from around the globe. All we have to ensure is; at the end of each day you nod off in ultimate comfort and luxury and get the great night’s sleep you be worthy of. As dedicated ‘sleepologists’ we truly appreciate the different ways that people sleep and the different bedding requirements that they require.

Just have a look at our variety of revolutionary products, such as our smart cool pillows and breathe duvets which control body temperature while you sleep. In the meantime, don’t overlook to explore our sleep experts section for tips and advice on how to create a soothing sleep environment.